Here in Geva Binyamin, Judaism is central to our practice and our lives.

By understanding Jewish values and putting them into effect we make positive change to individuals and our local community.

Thus, we believe Jewish education is key and it is a critical part of everything we do. It is integrated into our principle of hospitality, it underlies our Aliyah Assistance Programs and forms the basis of our support system.

Aliyah Yeshiva in Samaria

Absorption into Israel and return to Jewish observance have many commonalities. We build our programs and agendas around this basic principle. Our principle of personalized attention brings the most optimal results.

Torah & Tanakh Learning

The stories in the Torah and the Tanakh are the heart and soul of Judaism. We emphasize these teachings throughout our entire curriculum.

Zionist Yeshiva

We focus on laws and Jewish thought connected to the land of Israel. This offers the proper spiritual preparation for Army Service.

Talmud, Gamara and Halachah

Students will receive a thorough Jewish education. Basic Jewish learning skills in Gemara and Halacha are part of the foundation of our Yeshiva program.

Hasidic Judaism

Hasidic Judaism is a more spiritual variety of Judaism. It has inspired and enlightened many in our generation. 

Part Time Yeshiva

Our goal is to cater towards singles who are in the workforce. Our study programs are flexible and optimized for someone with a work schedule. Living at our yeshiva and working in Jerusalem is a very practical option.

What is a Baal Tshuvah?

A Baal Tshuvah is a person who has returned to Torah Observance from less strict forms of Judaism. The challenges that Baal Tshuvahs face are complex not least of which is awareness of Jewish teachings and a solid basis of education. We can provide that basis.

Interested in studying with us?