What is a Lone Solider?

A Lone Solider is an IDF solider who has no family in the state of Israel. This situation is relatively common and can often spell loneliness and despair for the solider.

How do we help Lone Soliders?

OSA helps to ameliorate these problems by offering support and accommodations, gift baskets of home cooked food, hospital visitation and other personalized services. We also offer guidance on singing up for IDF service.

Support and Accommodation

At the age of 20 or 21 Lone Soldiers face a wide array of difficulties and struggles. They are need of guidance, a mentor, moral support all of which Oro Shel Adam supplies.

Gift Baskets

Ethiopian Lone Solider IDF

The Holiday season can be difficult for lone soldiers. We put together gift packages of home cooked food and deliver directly into the hands of the soldiers. Rabbi Miller personally delivers the care packages on-base.

Hospital Visitation

A solider who has been injured and hospitalized can sometimes experience great distress when there are no family available for emotional support.

IDF Solider Hospital Visitation

Pre- and Post-Army Program

before the army we help prospective lone soldiers prepare for service. Additionally we assist Chayilim in the re-acclimation process into civil society which can sometimes be challenging for the solider.

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