Community life is central to our efforts. Creating a warm feeling among members and reaching out to new Olim and families is of supreme important to us. At Oro Shel Adam our community efforts are a natural extension of our values. Friendly in-person events are the hallmark of our presence.

Sarah Spodek, Miriam Leichmann, Shalom Miller, Batya Miller in Geva Binyamin / Yishuv Adam

Beit Kenneset Oro Shel Adam

As of March 2020, we constructed a shul for the local Anglo Community. We hold regular minyanim on Shabbat and Chagim. We have Torah learning opportunities for both men and women. We have a special Friday night Carlebach Minyan.

Settling into a new town can be difficult. Are you looking to settle in Geva Binyamin? OSA can help.

Women’s Program

We have an elaborate program for women led by Rebbetzin Batya Miller, Miriam Leichman and Maya Aflalo. Music and Arts & Crafts are just some of the highlights of our Rosh Chodesh events. We also have weekly Chaburah for women where women can share and discuss their divrei Torah together.

Kiddush and Holiday Events

Do you live in a community where no one understands you? where you have no one to celebrate with? OSA is famous for it’s warm friendly Shabbat programs and holiday events. Come and join us for Neighborhood Shabbat Meals, Seudah Shelisheit, Tu B’shvat Seder, Hannukah Party, Purim Festivals and much more!

Life Celebrations אירועים

Celebrating life cycle events and milestones is an important aspect to living in Israel. As Olim, there’s common understanding of how to celebrate life events and milestones.

We take pride in fostering the full cycle of dating, wedding, married life and eventually settlement here in Adam.

Shalom Miller, Tuvia Miller at Gideon Aronovich wedding

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