Our famous dormitory has housed many Olim Chadashim as they sought to establish themselves in Israel. Most remember it as an unforgettable life changing experience. Torah learning is not required but certainly we encourage it for our guests. Come and get a feel for life in an Israeli Yishuv!

shalom miller

Torah Environment

Oro Shel Adam welcomes those who are familiar with Torah Observance as well as friends who are open to learning about this traditional way of life. If required, we offer our new guests an initiation in the basic laws of the Jewish Home. Rabbi Shalom Miller oversees fastidious compliance with halacha in the dormitories at all times. If you have an interest in practicing Judaism this is an excellent place to start.

  • Shomer Shabbat
    • The laws of Shabbat are observed in the dormitory. It’s not uncommon for our guests to be invited for a Shabbat meal at Rabbi Miller’s and with families in the local community. An unforgettable experience!
  • Kosher Kitchen
    • There is a shared refrigerator and stove for our guest’s use. We have a separate sink for diary and meat.
  • Shul Nearby
  • Mikveh Access
    • A mikveh is available in the dormitory complex.
  • Men Only

Youth Hostel Appeal

Our place out here in Samaria can sometimes feel like a Backpacker Hostel.

Meet Other Olim

Many Olim have come through our doors and lifetime friendships have been created. Expect to meet new and interesting people that make the journey worthwhile. Aliyah is more than just filling out papers and getting a new passport. It’s about finding your place in Israeli society. This means connecting to new friends, employers, community leaders and more. OSA can help make you more effective in that process.

Low Commitment, No Lease

There are a variety of payment options, contact us for more information.


The prices are below average and geared towards travelers on a budget. Contact us for current prices. Sponsorship and scholarship programs are available.

Access To Jerusalem

Yishuv Adam is a short bus trip to Jerusalem City Center. The cost of bus fare is subsidized by the government. Working or studying in Jerusalem and staying at Oro Shel Adam is entirely practical.

Nature Appreciation

Live in one of the most beautiful regions in Israel! Our town boasts some of the most startling nature reserves Israel has to offer. Come by and see.

Options for Families

Miriam Leichmann and Chaim Leichmann in Geva Binyamin aka Yishuv Adam

The dormitory is not appropriate for family use. We do however help families find accommodation and housing either temporary or permanent. There is housing available for both rent and purchase in Adam. Contact us for more information.

Interested in staying with us?