The place we call home is known for it’s quaint buildings and warm friendly residents. We are located five km north of Jerusalem. In 2019, Geva Binyamin had a population of ~8000. The population is an even mixture of religious and secular.

Arial View of Geva Binyamin / Yishuv Adam
Arial View of Geva Binyamin

Geva Binyamin or Yishuv Adam?

The settlement has two names. This can get confusing! “Adam” is the term commonly used by residents however Geva Binyamin is most used when referring to our village from outside.

Sderot Adam, Main Street in Yishuv Adam / Geva Binyamin


Yishuv Adam has three makolets(groceries), a pizzeria, two health clinics and a few other establishments.

Shar Binyamin

Shar Binyamin is a short drive or a long walk from town. There are a variety of shopping options in Shar Binyamin including a Rami Levy Supermarket, the famous Shifon Plus Bakery and other well known Israeli chains. There are employment opportunities in Shar Binyamin and many Adam residents work there.

Pisgat Zeev

Between Jerusalem and Geva Binyamin you will encounter Pisgat Zeev, a thriving commercial center. There are many shopping options there, including the Pisgat Zeev Mall, Pisgat Zeev Cultural Center, in addition to Israeli government offices and even community recreation centers. Pisgat Zeev boasts access to the Jerusalem Light Rail.

Naftali Spodek and friends plant a tree in Geva Binyamin / Yishuv Adam


Geva Binyamin has a variety of education options for your children.

  • אהבת תורה(Ahavat Torah) a Religious Zionist Torani school
  • אור פנחס(Or Pinchas) a Charedi school
  • אדם ועולמו(Adam v’Olamo) a Secular school


  • Religious Zionist Gan
  • Chabad Gan
  • Sephardic Orthodox Gan
  • Ashkenazi Orthodox Gan

Travelling to Geva Binyamin from Jerusalem

The Jerusalem city center and Jerusalem Old City are very accessible by bus or car from Geva Binyamin. The trip is roughly 25 minutes each way.

Egged Taavura Bus Route 142

Route 142 goes from the Chords Bridge in Central Jerusalem to Geva Binyamin. It runs about every 20 minutes.

Israel Intercity Highway 60

To travel to Geva Binyamin by car from Jerusalem you take Highway 60 to Highway 1. The trip is roughly 25 minutes. This highway has great historical significance. It was constructed on top of the “Path of the Patriarchs” Derech Ha’Avot.

Jerusalem Light Rail

It’s also possible to travel between Geva Binyomin and Jerusalem via a combination of Bus Route 142 and Light Rail from Pisgat Zeev. Note there are special rules regarding fare rates and your type of Rav Cav bus card.

Nature Reserves in Samaria

If you love the outdoors, you will love Geva Binyamin! Nearby Geva Binyamin are excellent nature reserves for those who love the great outdoors. There are hiking trails, fresh desert springs and wildlife habitats to explore. One can see Ibex, Mountain Goats and other animals in their natural surroundings. These destinations are considered some of the best in Israel. Oro Shel Adam has had many Tiul(outings) to these amazing destinations. Certainly some of the best hiking in the Jerusalem region.

Shalom Miller, Tuvia Miller, Tiferet Miller, Emunah Miller, Elcanah Miller at Nahal Prat Nature reserve in Binyamin Region

Nahal Prat and En Prat

A must see!

In Ancient times:

Wadi Qelt contains several aqueducts (The oldest dating to the 2nd century BC). The aqueducts transported water from its three main springs all the way to Jericho. It was also home to the winter palaces of the Hasmonean kings and King Herod. 


Wadi Qelt is one of the most exciting hikes in Israel. You have it all in one route:

– Ein Prat Spring.

– Old Aqueducts.

– Deep pools with great swimming opportunities.

– Dramatic desert scenery.

– Various Pilgrimage Sites.

from Hike-Israel.com

Learn more about Nahal Prat on Hike-Israel.com

Shuls and Synagogues

There are more than 10 shuls in Geva Binyamin. There are Sephardic, Ashkenzi and Chabad services daily as well as holiday celebrations.

English Speaking Anglo Community

There are many native English speakers in Geva Binyamin. We have Americans, Canadians and British. Most residents speak some English.

Binyamin Region

Geva Binyamin is part of the Binyamin Region, a fast developing area in Eretz Yisrael. You can learn more about the Binyamin Region on BinyaminRegion.org.il.

Ancient Geva Binyamin and the Tanakh

Yishuv Adam is rich in history. There are many archeological sites in the area that have remarkable connections to locations mentioned in the Tanakh.

Ancient Israel Geva Binyamin aka Yishuv Adam Map
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Helping Families Settle In Yishuv Adam

Oro Shel Adam offers support for families looking to become our neighbors. Contact us for more information.

We hope to see you soon! 🙂

Yishuv Adam / Geva Binyamin

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