Help us help Israel.

Why donate to Oro Shel Adam?

OSA has helped countless Olim get oriented not only in Israeli society but in authentic Torah living. Many young people today have lost their connection to tradition. Getting them reinitiated into the basics of faith can be a complex yet rewarding task. We have inspired and changed the lives of hundreds of people who have come to Israel looking for a better way of life.

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Your donation can help Olim to settle in Israel.

Oro Shel Adam are outspoken Zionists and proud supporters of the IDF.

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How is my donation money used?

OSA has financial upkeep costs. We maintain a synagogue, yeshivah and dorm facility and we accrue monthly expenses in running outreach and networking programs for Olim and IDF soldiers.

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Other ways to help

Donate goods to the Dormitory or Yeshivah

Any intact or useful household items or personal items are for the most part welcome gifts in the dormitory. This includes appliances, cookware, clothing, sundries, non-perishable kosher food items. Your excess items will be put to good use.

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