A Brief History

Shalvat Adam was formed one year ago, under the leadership of Rav Shalom Miller and Avigail Tresgallo. With the additional help of many kind individuals and volunteers we had a very successful first year, BH. Since our first event on Tu B’Av 5782 we have hosted 30 events, attended by hundreds of people combined.

The Future

In addition to the “Shalvat Adam Events Group,” the leadership/participants of Shalvat Adam are now planning and building the Shalvat Adam Community. We will still be hosting events open to the public, like we have done in the past, but we are looking to create something with added value.

What’s the difference between an “Events Group” and a community?

Very simply, the point of an events group is to host and attend events. An events group generally has casual participants. Events are planned and people attend the events. The essence of the program are the events themselves (Torah, a speaker, a celebration) and the social component at the events. We had many special events in 5782.

The point of a community is to feel and be a part of something much bigger.

A community is a group of people who:

1. share a common purpose or vision

2. care deeply about each other

3. work closely together towards a common purpose that they care about

A community member is not a casual participant. Community members have greater dedication and share responsibility that is not found among “events group” participants. Community members are dependable to help and support the community and community members when need be. In a community, members feel that people care about them.

The investment in a community is much greater than the involvement in an events group but the gain and benefit for being a part of a community is amplified exponentially. The bracha and blessings that come from being a part of a community are endless.

What is Shalvat Adam offering its members?

  1. General events will be free (non members will have to pay)
  2. Special “Members Only” events
  3. One on one coaching/guidance counseling with Rav Shalom (and Rebbetzin Batya)
  4. Direct access to Rav Shalom for questions in halacha
  5. A real support system for members who experience difficult moments in their life
  6. A real community to share together celebrations and smachot

We have great confidence that the Shalvat Adam Community will be a great source of light for the Jewish People and each of the members.

If inquiring what it means to become a member of the Shalvat Adam community interests you, please be in touch with Erez Younker or Nathalie Allal. To receive their contact information please send an email to us at: josh@orosheladam.org.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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