Yeshivat Oro Shel Adam, headed by Rav Shalom Miller, has been around for 9 years. Being located in Yishuv Adam aka Geva Binyamin (a Jerusalem suburb), we have had hundreds of students and participants throughout the past decade. We work with IDF Lone Soldiers before or after the army. Our yeshiva has welcomed new Olim to Israel and supplied Torah learning to veteran Olim as well. We offer our students part-time Torah learning and full residence in Yishuv Adam.

For more details about our Yeshiva see: https://orosheladam.org/yeshiva/

We are in search of a male, part-time recruiter for the yeshiva. Job begins September 1st.

To inquire further about this position or to apply for the job please contact Rav Shalom at: rav.miller@orosheladam.org


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