One of the nice features of Yishuv Adam is that Nachal Prat, a beautiful, green, fresh oasis is located in close proximity to our community.

Jumping into the water in at Ein Prat

If you love the outdoors, you will love Adam aka Geva Binyamin! Nearby there is an excellent nature reserve with beautiful pools of water.

There are hiking trails, fresh desert springs and wildlife habitats to explore. One can see Ibex, Mountain Goats and other animals in their natural surroundings. These destinations are considered some of the best in Israel.

Oro Shel Adam has had many Tiul(outings) to these amazing natures sites. Nahal Prat is certainly at the top of the list among worth-while hikes in the Jerusalem region.

From Adam to the pools in Nahal Prat it takes an hour. It is a pleasant hike through the terrain of the Judean hills. There is only one twenty minute stretch of the hike which is a difficult incline.

One of the nice features of the tiyul (hike in Hebrew) is that there are clear signs of civilizations that lived in the area at different times in history. There is a dangerously deep pit on the trail and one must be extra careful to stay away from the deep hole in the ground. Most likely, this pit was used as a cistern to supply water for the local inhabitants. There is also a human made wall and caves adapted for human dwelling, all seen while hiking in Nahal Prat.

Scenic view of the Judean Hills seen from the hike to Nahal Prat

Nahal Prat in Ancient times:

This site contains several aqueducts (The oldest dating to the 2nd century BC). The aqueducts transported water from its three main springs all the way to Jericho. It was also home to the winter palaces of the Hasmonean kings and King Herod. 


Nahal Prat is one of the most exciting hikes in Israel. You have it all in one route:

– Ein Prat Spring.

– Old Aqueducts.

– Deep pools with great swimming opportunities.

– Dramatic desert scenery.

– Various Pilgrimage Sites.

Swimming in Nachal Prat after hiking in the hot Israeli summer sun is a most refreshing and rewarding experience.

To hear more information about hiking in Nahal Prat contact us at: Orosheladam@gmail.com

Swimming in Nahal Prat
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