At OSA we are off to a wonderful start to the summer!

Wedneday night in Jerusalem, our Shalvat Adam program hosted a “Sushi & Sadna Event” for Jerusalem young professionals. 

“Sadna” in Hebrew means workshop.  The basis of our discussion was the “sin of the Spies” and the aftermath of that tragic episode.  Over delicious, fresh Sushi we discussed how to regroup and rebuild after taking a fall? I gave the group 6 practical steps how to react to “our moments of failure.”  We had a fascinating discussion with 13 participants. 

Last Shabbat in Adam, we hosted two former students and their wives.  Tuvia Sleigh and Atniel Katan were students in our Yeshiva for Olim in 2018.  After college and the IDF respectively, they both were married within the last two years.  I had the distinct privilege to be their “Chatan (marriage) teacher” and help prepare them for their weddings. It was a unique experience hosting and now spending time together as families. 

Latest news at Oro Shel Adam
The Sleighs, the Millers and the Katans after spending Shabbot together in Adam

In the Kehilat Oro Shel Adam, we hosted a community wide third meal this past Shabbat.  Six families came together to enjoy a summer Shabbat afternoon/evening of friendship, singing, Divrei Torah and good food.

Early this week, we welcomed a new student into our “Yeshiva for Olim.”  Steven Stern, originally from South Africa, moved to Adam and is now studying halacha (Jewish Law) and Chumash with me.  He will be learning in the Oro Shel Adam yeshiva throughout the summer.

Our Yeshiva for Olim is open to receiving new students. For more information about Yeshivat Oro Shel Adam, be in touch with Rav Shalom Miller at:


One of the local attractions is the Psagot Winery Shar Binyamin, a few minutes up the road from Adam. Recently, Batya and I attended a beautiful wedding there.  I wrote about my experience in the following article:

Coming Up Soon:

Shalvat Adam Rosh Chodesh Tamuz Event in Jerusalem next Wednesday night 6/29 

In the near future, we will be having a summer BBQ in Gan Sacker, Jerusalem for Olim, a ladies Shabbat in Adam and lots lots more.

Wishing all friends a healthy and enjoyable summer!

Shabbat Shalom


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