One of the great adjustments in life is to go from being single to being married. In addition to the emotional and practical adjustments that every newly married person experiences, religious Jews have a new set of laws to study in preparation for marriage. Laws of family purity, in Hebrew טהרת המשפחה is fundemental part of Torah observance.

For more than a decade, years before the founding of Oro Shel Adam, Rav Shalom Miller has been working for grooms, as a “Chatan teacher,” in preparation for their big day and married life.

Atniel and Aliyeh

“It’s one of my great pleasures as a rabbi, to help my students transition into the most exciting phase of of life. Married life especially in 2022 is not easy. The pressures and challenges are enormous. Young married need lots of support before and after the wedding, in addition to learning the laws of family purity.”

In the summer of 2018 Tuvia Sleigh and Atniel Katan moved into Oro Shel Adam. The two had made Aliyah to Israel one year prior.

Shira and Tuvia

Tuvia spent 5 months in the yeshiva for Olim and then moved on to Bar Illan to obtain a degree in English literature. Tuvia kept in touch with Rav Shalom and after getting engaged to Shira Edri, he turned to his former rabbi and asked to study and prepare for the wedding with him. Tuvia and Shira were marrried in April of 2022 and now live happily in Gush Etzion.

Atniel Katan spent 11 months in the yeshiva between 2018-2019.  In 2019 he started the in IDF. Atniel served as engineer in the navy.  During his time living and serving in Norther Israel he met Eliyah (see picture above) via an on-line dating site.

Before the wedding in September of 2020, Atniel and Rav Shalom prepared for the marriage in private sessions via zoom.

Rav Shalom has worked with double digit grooms since starting as “Chatan teacher” back in 2008. “I see it as one of my main responsibilities to make sure that these guys understand what’s involved in being married and I emphasize to them how central married life is in successful living. The Jewish State will be built one happily married couple at a time.”

Chattanim who have made Aliyah and are looking for a teacher to prepare them for the wedding and married life are welcome to reach out to Rav Shalom Miller via email: rav.miller@orosheladam.org.

Atniel, Akiva, Rav Shalom and Tuvia


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