Mental Health As It Relates To The Jewish Community @Oro Shel Adam in Yeshuv Adam aka Geva Binyamin

How to relate to and understand family and friends with mental health disorders – the sensitivities and understandings involved from Therapeutic and Halachik Perspectives.
3 Part Unit Run By Rav Shalom Miller of Oro Shel Adam
The Series will take place in March @Oro Shel Adam on three Tuesday evenings: March 1st, 8th, and 22nd at 8:30pm

March 1st: Featuring Rav Shalom Miller: halachik overview and general sensitivity to an individual with mental health issues.

March 8th: Featuring Guest Speaker Rabbi Yoni Rosensweig- founder of Maaglai Nefesh and author on mental health in the Jewish community. Considered to be an expert in the vast field of mental disabilities.

March 22nd: Featuring: Miriam Leichman LCPC: child therapist perspective and general guidance. Followed by group questions and discussion. 

30 shekel for the series. Payable to Oro Shel Adam. Please contact Rav Shalom to reserve a spot at our series or if you have any questions.

He can be reached at rav.miller@orosheladam.org

Light refreshments will be served. ☕Please RSVP as soon as possible.


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