OSA Shul furniture used March 2020-Jan. 2022

We opened the Shul two years ago in March of 2020 (a week before the outbreak of Covid-19). Since then, we have used a small, nonetheless beautiful Aron Kodesh, oversized dining room table for Torah reading and basic shtender for the dovining at OSA.  While these “keilim” will always be precious to us, similar to the furniture of a young couple after their wedding, it was time to “refurbish.”

Thanks to the kindness of many wonderful donors, we were able to purchase a new Aron Kodesh (Ark), new Shulchan (table for Torah reading) and new Amud to enhance our Shul and community of Olim!

Zack Jacob with Rav Shalom Miller

This past Shabbat – Parshat Terumah, February 5th, 2022, as we read in the Torah about the vessals like the Aron and Shulchan in the Mishkan/Tabernacle, was the perfect time to have an inauguration of our new shul furniture. We celebrated in the community with guests and community members by having a kiddish after Shabbat morning dovining/services. At the kiddish, Rav Shalom told the story of how we found the expert carpenter, a God-send, to carry out the project to make the beautiful furniture. Friends in the community lifted their glasses to toast and celebrate this special moment.

We thank all of our wonderful supporters who helped us reach this day!  We do not like to over emphasize tangible, material objects, even for a House of God, nonetheless, these new peices in our Shul will help us elevate our Tfillot/prayers and “shul experience” to a higher level.

We invite all friends near and far to come visit us to see the shul, new furniture and amazing views in Yishuv Adam aka Geva Binyamin.

Mazal Tov!


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