Over the last couple of weeks tens of thousands of Israelis have caught Corona. Medical experts predicted that Omicran would be spread to half of Israel’s population.

With Tu B’shvat falling out in the middle of the current outbreak of Covid in Israel, there was certainly a possibility that problems could present themselves for the annual Tu B’shvat Seder. And sure enough, the night before Tu B’shvat, Rav Shalom Miller wasn’t feeling well. He went to Migron to get tested at a local Corona-testing site, and the results came back positive.

While some might have stressed, waivered or even canceled the live, in-person program “due to extenuating circumstances of the pandemic,” this was never a consideration for the Oro Shel Adam staff. With Rebbetzin Batya Miller healthy and the scheduled leader of the Tu B’shvat Seder, there was no need to cancel the anticipated event.

Rebbetzin Batya and Rav Shalom Miller

With the Miller home off-limits, the Seder took place at Beit Knesset Oro Shel Adam. It was a beautiful event attended mostly by Shalvat Adam participants. Rebbetzin Batya gave a stimulating Kabbalistic introduction to the deep meaning of Tu B’shvat and Rav Shalom chimed in on zoom with an opening song written by Noami Shemer called “Da Lecha,” based on a teaching of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

The table was truly filled with shefa – fruits and wines of all kinds, with many choices for shehechiyanu, and a special verse to read from Torah sources for each fruit. The highlight of the seder was eating the special “seven species/fruits of Erezt Yisrael!” By doing so, participants praised Hashem for giving us and bringing us to the cherished Land of Israel.

Rebbetzin Batya led the seder with warmth and enthusiasm! Hot soup and drinks warmed up our guests who came in from the cold.

Holidays are not just an opportunity to celebrate the specific reason or cause for the holiday, Chagim are also an opportunity thank God for sustaining us to be able to reach the holiday alive and healthy. With all the complications for the Oro Shel Adam Seder this year, Tu B’shvat 5782, as the world continues to fight the two-year-long pandemic, was a wonderful opportuntity for us to say שהחיינו וקיימנו והגיענו לזמן הזה.

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