Recently, the major social networks notably “canceled” Donald Trump, the president of the United States. This event reset the rules of social media. Today we must accept that our voices on the mainstream networks can be silenced at any time without explanation or notice. This is especially important for Zionists who have faced discrimination and censorship in the main stream media for decades.

The Parler.com Debacle

Following Trump’s cancellation on both Facebook and Twitter there was a significant exodus to an alternative platform, Parler.com. Soon afterwards, Google removed the Parler app from their app store. Subsequently Apple implemented similar policies for the iPhone. This met with significant public outcry but neither company had an adequate explanation for their bias. The political discrimination did not stop there. Amazon Web Services, a web hosting platform, gave Parler.com a few days notice that they were being evicted from their hosting service effectively removing Parler from the internet altogether. The CEO then reportedly filed an Anti-Trust lawsuit against Amazon. At the time of writing the CEO John Matze and family are in hiding in response to death threats. Parler.com remains unhosted and unreachable.

Is Parler.com safe for Zionists?

The Parler Social Network is not specifically for Zionists however it is renown for hosting a class of opinion in which Zionism is typically included. Dan Bongino, a major investor in Parler.com, is an outspoken and dedicated supporter of Israel.

Dan Bongino, Israel and Zionism

Israel is one of our staunchest allies in an increasingly volatile world.

Dan Bongino

Oro Shel Adam, Parler.com and Israeli Settlements

Oro Shel Adam maintains a presence on the Parler network. You can find us here.

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